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Jim Holmes ( Trumpet )

Jim was born in London and was introduced to jazz in his early 'teens by his brother who took him to see bands such as the Christie Brothers Stompers and the Ken Colyer band.
Jim took up the trumpet at the age of 18 and by then had been introduced to the Bunk Johnson and George Lewis band recordings. He joined his first band in the late 50's which was the Mike Pointon band.
The highlight of Jim's experience in jazz was his visit to New Orleans in 1962 where he took lessons from Punch Miller and sat in with the George Lewis band and The Gibson Brass Band. He also recorded with Israel Gorman.
During his musical career to date, Jim has played with other jazz greats such as Albert Nicholas, Butch Thompson and Freddie Kohlman.
In the UK Jim has recorded with Sammy Rimington and various other British bands.
In addition to the traditional New Orleans trumpet players, he also enjoys listening to Henry "Red" Allan and the many other great trumpet players of the 30's and 40's.
Jim was one of the founder members of the Excelsior New Orleans Brass Bands, which was started over 20 years ago and is one of the original members of the Excelsior Vintage Jazz Band.
Jim's Melodic and exciting trumpet style helps to create the unique sound of the Excelsior Vintage Jazz Band.