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Ron Rumbol ( Clarinet/Sax ) Band Leader

Ron was born in Isleworth, Middlesex.
He learnt to read music at school and played in the school orchestra. He became interested in big bands and swing music in his 'teens while still at school. He was introduced to traditional jazz and subsequently New Orleans style jazz at the age of 18, and inspired by such clarinet players as George Lewis, Johnny Dodds and Albert Nicholas, he learnt to play the clarinet. He joined his first band in 1958 with Keith Smith which was called The Powder Mill Stompers and subsequently the Fron-Zi-Me Jazzmen. After leaving the Keith Smith band in the early 60's, he played with Bill Brunskill's band for about 2 years and at various times played with Ken Colyer.
Due to family and business commitments Ron gave up playing for a number of years, but on his return formed a new band called the San Jacinto Jazz Band following his close association with Norrie Cox in the 60's. This band was based in Berkshire. He ran this band for a number of years until he disbanded it in 1995 for personal reasons.
Ron has been a member of the Excelsior New Orleans Brass band for over 20 years and was a founder member of the Excelsior Vintage Jazz Band.
Apart from his love of New Orleans music, he also still likes to listen to big bands, his favourite being the Duke Ellington Orchestra with a particular attraction to Johnny Hodges and Ben Webster.
Whilst the influences of George Lewis, Johnny Dodds and Albert Nicholas can be detected, Ron has his own particular style which again enhances the sound of the Excelsior Vintage Jazz Band.