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Using some of the best British exponents of this style of music available,
Mike Brown  formed the Excelsior New Orleans Brass Band in 1975.

During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s a complete New Orleans Package Show (“Echo’s of New Orleans”) was staged at a number of venues throughout the UK and Europe and it was here that the Excelsior Vintage Jazz Band concept was born; giving two and sometimes three different jazz bands within the brass band.

The Excelsior Brass Band has continued to play at outdoor and promotional events but the Excelsior Vintage Jazz Band virtually disappeared until the early part of 1998, when Ron Rumbol re-formed an all star band working as a regular performing 6 piece jazz band.

The Excelsior Vintage Jazz Band has produced 6 CD’s; “Down In Jungle Town”,  “Blowin’ a Storm” and “Live At The Waterworks” , “Black & Blue” , “My Monday Date” and the latest one “In Concert” which was actually recorded in 2000 but the master tape was only recently found.

The Brass Band produced three recordings. The first was on a 12” long playing record (no longer available). The second was on a cassette tape, which has just been re-released on compact disc, and the third was on compact disc, details of which are on the recordings page of this website.