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The Excelsior Vintage Jazz Band
is a 6-piece traditional jazz band comprising; trumpet, trombone, clarinet/saxophone, banjo/guitar, double bass and drums. They play in the New Orleans style of the 1940’s  to 1960’s and are very popular with the dancers, who cannot resist getting up to dance once the band starts to play.
The band was formed in 1998 and has gone from strength to strength, playing on the jazz club circuit and at many of the major Jazz Festivals in the UK and Europe. The band has also played at  a number of prestigious weddings and private functions in the UK and Europe.
This band is ideal for weddings, birthday parties or any event you wish to make special and memorable.

The Excelsior Vintage Quartet/Trio
Is a small group formed out of the Vintage Jazz Band and comprises either trumpet and clarinet with banjo and double bass or as a trio with just trumpet or  clarinet with the banjo and double bass. If a more mobile group is required to wander amongst the audience, or it is for an outdoor event then the double bass can be replaced with a sousaphone.
This band is ideal for that smaller and more intimate occasion or where your budget will not permit the 6-piece band.

The Excelsior N. O. Brass Band
Is a much larger band based on the New Orleans parade bands. It is usually a 10 piece band comprising; 2 trumpets, snare drum, bass drum, Eb clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, 2 trombones and a sousaphone. It is usual to also have a grand marshal leading the band. If your budget will run to it you may also want 3 or 4 professional dancers performing behind the band, which does provide a spectacular visual impact.
The members of this band are all seasoned musicians with a wealth of experience and knowledge of the street music of New Orleans and this is obvious from the quality and authenticity of the music they produce.
If you want to make a big impact at an event or special occasion then there is nothing better than this band.
This band is experienced in the traditions and music of New Orleans and has provided the music for a number of New Orleans style funerals.
You can hear samples of each of these bands on the
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Why not listen and judge for yourself.