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Blowin’ A Storm      (PKCD-164)
Recorded in 2000 by PEK Sound
Trumpet - Jim Holmes
Clarinet - Ron Rumbol
Trombone - Bob Ward
Banjo - Doug Kennedy
Drums - Dave Evans
Double Bass - Ray Goold

Move The Body Over   Traditional
September In The Rain   Warren /Dubin
Down Among The Sheltering Palms   Olman / Brockman
I Can’t Begin To Tell You   Monaco / Gordon
Saint Louis Blues   Handy
Washington & Lee Swing   Robbins / Allen / Sheafe
Beautiful Dreamer   Foster
Mama Inez   Grenet / Gilbert
Up Jumped The Devil   Brunies / Lyon / Brunies
Out In The Cold Again   Bloom / Kothler
Why Should I Cry Over You   Miller / Cohn
Deep Purple   DeRose/Parish
Down In Honky Tonk Town   Smith / McCarron
Tishomingo Blues   Williams
June Night   Baer / Friend