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Dave Evans ( Drums )

Dave was born in Perivale near London.
He played his first gigs with Mitz Mitten's band in 1956 and later worked with Mike Pointon, the Salutation Brass band , the New Teao and Ches Chesterman, before joining Pete Deuchar's Professors of Ragtime in 1960.
He was with Keith Smith's band from the late 60's then worked in Germany with Mac Duncan from March 1961. He then returned to the UK and joined Bobby Mickleburgh's Confederates.
Dave joined Keith Smith again from 1963 until 1965 when due to car crash injuries he was temporarily unable to play.
During the 1960's and 70's Dave worked with a number of prominent bands and musicians such as; Barry Johnson's Green Leaf Band (1966), Bill Greenow's Quintet (1967-8), The Gothic Jazz Band (1970's & 80's), and guested with Ken Colyer on a number of occasions. He also played extensively in the InterCities Jazz Band from 1979 until its disbandment.
Dave has accompanied many of the jazz greats such as: Alton Purnell, Champion Jack Dupree, Sammy Price, Joe Darensbourg, Thomas Jefferson and Al Casey.
In recent times Dave has freelanced with many bands and was a regular with the London Ragtime Orchestra through to the middle 90's. He is part of the re-formed Butch Thompson's King Oliver Centennial Band and is also a regular member of the Excelsior Brass Band and Vintage Jazz Band.
Dave's impeccable timing and sympathetic swinging style completes the vibrant rhythm section of the Excelsior Vintage Jazz Band.