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Doug Kennedy ( Banjo/Guitar )

Doug was born in Eton, Berkshire.               .
He first heard Jelly Roll Morton and Louis Armstrong at school when he was 11 years old and immediately became hooked on the music. He started playing jazz when he was about 16 or 17 with the other school friends and joined a local band when he was 18. He played locally around the Windsor area for approximately 10 years and frequented most of the London jazz clubs and listened to the many popular bands of the time including Ken Colyer.
He joined Colin Kingwell’s band in 1973 and stayed with him for 25 years.
As an accomplished musician he played with many other bands including Ken Colyer, Cuff Billet, Pat Halcox and Sonny Morris. He is also known throughout Europe having played in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Holland and Switzerland. He has also played at most of the U.K. Jazz Festivals.
Doug moved to Dorset in 1996 and now enjoys the sea air and country life.
Doug joined the band in March 1999 and has added another dimension to the band not only in his playing but also with his witty and dry sense of humour.